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API Pipe Mills

API Pipe Mill Description:

The machinery is used to produce API pipes used in petroleum and gas pipelines. These lines are suitable for pipes made from hot rolled steel. The pipes will undergo cold roll forming, high frequency welding, submerged arc welding, and other processes, resulting in high-quality products. 


Oil, gas. 

API Pipe Mill Advantages:

-High Production Efficiency

-High Automation

-High Strength, the machine works stable at high speeds which improves product quality. 

-Low Defective Product Rate

-Longer Service Intervals

-You can option for Siemens, Allen Brady, or Yaskawa motors. 

-Can Be Customized By Customers




Process Flow:

Scroll up→ Uncoiler→ Straightening end→ Flattener→ Auto-Shear and Welding→ Horizontal Accumulator→ Strip UT→Forming(ZTF) → H. induction welding→ Removing external burr→ Removing inner burr→ Burnishing→ Online Detection→ Seam annealer→ Air cooling→ Wat cooling→ Sizing→ Cut off→ Roll table→Flattening Test→ End-facing and chamfering→ Hydrostatic test→Off-line UT test→ Drifter inspection→Weighing and length measurement → Coating & Printing→ Packing→ Warehouse 

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