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Cut-To-Length Lines

Cut-To-Length Line Description:

Providing customized cut to length lines for all dimensions, from hot-rolled strip to thinnest cold-rolled strip, from aluminum to stainless steel, in strip widths from 120 to 2,500 mm and strip thicknesses from 0.5 to 20.0 mm. Advanced and pioneering technologies are specially matched to the requirements of our customers. The high degree of automation in these cut to length enables economical production, reduced set up times and ability to interface with coil packing and logistics.  




Cut-To-Length Line Advantages:

-High Automation Level
-High production capacity and flow rates by rigorous minimization of tooling times and high productions speeds 

-Extremely Perfect flatness of sheets by using “4-Hi and 6-Hi levelers
-Elimination of edge waves and center buckles by approaching rows of back-up rolls in the leveling machine 

-Exact cutting accuracy and angularity of sheets
-Cutting with little burr by the edge-trimming shear and the cut-to-length shear
-High stacking accuracy by using individual stacking systems
-Gentle treatment of high-sensitive surfaces such as surface for the automotive industry by special transport and stacking methods 

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