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Roll Forming Lines

Roll Forming Line Description:

Cold Roll-Forming Line is used to roll and form cold & hot rolling steel into all kinds of open sectional steel products like C, Z, U, M, L and etc. 


C/Z purlin, highway guardrails, automobile profiles, etc. 

Roll Forming Line Advantages:

-High Production Efficiency

-High Automation

-Automatic Size Changing Within One Minute

-Transmission is in the gear box structure, no chains which guarantees high strength and long life expectancy

-Easy To Install, Operate, and Maintain 

Steel Piling Roll Forming Lines

Steel Piling Roll Forming Line Description:

Steel Piling Roll Forming Line adopts quick-change cassettes structure, which means one machine can produce 8 profiles, with the advantages of high speed and automation. The max. coil thickness: 8mm The piling sheet is very popular now. In the permanent structures, it is used in the ports, dumps, shore protection wall, retaining wall, breakwater, training dike, dock, flow gate and so on. In the temporary structures, it is used in mountain seals, temporary land expansion, flow break, bridge rail, soil block, water block and sand block when big pipes laying. It is also used to fight floods. 

Technical Parameters:

-Material: S355JR (hot rolled sheet)
-Suitable yield strength: σs≤400MPa
-Coil thickness: 6.0-8.0mm
-Max. coil width: 1000mm
-Inner diameter of coil: φ762mm
-Outer diameter of coil: ≤φ1000~2000mm

-Coil weight: ≤18T
-Product length: 2000mm~12000mm
-Production line speed: 15-20m/min
-Total power: about 350KW 


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