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H-Beam Welding Line

H-Beam Welding Line Description:

Until recently, out ability to specify the structural sections has been severely limited to the standard catalog of symmetrical shapes and sizes that are practical by rolling metal to the required shape while red hot. H-Beam Production Line is better way to cut cost, save time, reduce material consumption and add value. 

H-Beam Welding Line Advantages:

-Achieve highest power savings with contact welding process
-The welded Beam can be delivered to the required cut length, saving the scrap, cutting costs, and beam splices, and making fit-up easier with less metal and labor time.

-Welded beam offers improvement over “standard” section, with up to 25% reduced section weight, this means that welded beam can achieve the same strength as rolled beam with 25% less weight.
-It costs considerably less in investment compared to the hot rolling mill with less production tonnage respectfully, which is suitable for small and medium size market. Also, the welding line has the great flexibility to change size of beam to be produced to meet various requirements of many different size of beam in small quantity.
-Enhance ability to meet short lead time. 

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